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Paddy had a rough start to life spending part of it as a yard dog with an old derelict building with the windows smashed out as his shelter. He was rehomed to a family who spent a lot of time working on his anxiety and helping him to overcome some of his previous learned behaviours like cowering every time anybody went near him. Sadly due to his trauma and some trigger stacking things didn’t work out when he started taking a dislike to the man of the house along with another visiting family member. For the above reasons we can not rehome Paddy in a house with children.

Since being in kennels Paddy has shown that he has a high prey drive and loves to chase (or try to if on lead) squirrels so a no to cats. This prey drive also shows itself in Paddy’s love of playing he loves to chase a ball or toy but he does have guarding issues. We are currently working on these by teaching him to swap for another toy or for a treat something that is going well but a new carer will have to continue with. Paddy does tend to bond with one person so the whole household will have to work with him feeding, walking, training etc. Bonding with the family could also be done with grooming as Paddy is quite happy to be brushed and towelled dry after wet soggy walks.he does like a splash in the river….

Paddy has had some training but again this is a work in progress, he knows sit and has some recall but not solid enough to let off in public spaces yet. Paddy is both toy and treat focussed so this will help with all future training. This boy is so happy to get a treat that when he takes a treat your whole hand tends to disappear into his mouth, but he still takes the treat gently without biting. When out walking Paddy is interested in other dogs and seems to mirror their energy levels so walking with another calm dog may be okay but does not like high energy off lead dogs running around and at him. He would probably be better being the only dog in a home. Paddy has had a dislike to eating out of a bowl, this has been overcome with desensitisation but may need reinforcing in a new home, he can also be destructive of his water bowl and bedding but this is probably due to the high energy levels and anxiety of being in kennels.

Due to Paddy’s anxiety and uncertainty about new people he will need to meet any prospective adopters more than once to make sure they are right for him and they will need to be an experienced GSD home to continue to help him get over his previous life.

Paddy has been adopted.

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