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Tala was just 1 year old on 23rd July 2019 having given birth to a litter of 9 on the 25th June.

Her full story can be found here:

Stanley aka Levi, was adopted by a family, however sadly is back for rehoming as he was displaying nervous aggression with people in the home. He went into foster and this is what foster mum had to say about him:

“Another week in foster with us and can’t believe he hasn’t been adopted yet! He’s such a sweet and loving boy. He is a nervous of new things but trusts his humans quickly! I personally think he will do best in a home with another dog/dogs. Mine have helped massively with his confidence and he loves a game of chase! So far he has been fine with all dogs we have met (he regularly meets with multiple dogs for his play dates and I have 2 others, a big one and a really little one).

He’s great with my 10 year old son. Not sure what he’s like with little kids but as he’s easily spooked so older prob best for his confidence (no aggression seen since we’ve had him). Nervous of new people but again no aggression and after a treat and allowing him to approach in his own time, he loves a fuss!

He wants to be with his humans whenever possible and will follow us everywhere! We were told he was nervous of men, and he was a little in the beginning, but seems to have got over that and he certainly loves Nick, my partner! We set some strict guidelines whilst he’s learning to be more confident as he would literally be stuck to you 24/7 if you let him so we don’t allow him to sleep with us etc just so he can learn to be a bit more independent. He would happily be your pillow though if you allowed it!

He’s fine to be left for a few hours but again, we have other dogs for company. Not sure how he would find it being the only dog. I suspect it would take time for him to have the self assurance to be left alone!

So he’s still learning at nearly 9 months but is soaking it up like a sponge! He’s an active dog. Comes out jogging and on the bike with us (is still unsure about the bike but will trot next to it nicely and when it’s time to run off lead, loves to run along side.) If I get a chance I’d love to try some agility with him, it’d do his confidence the world of good and think he’d love it! He would certainly make the perfect isolation companion!”

Sadly due to a change in job, Stanley could not stay with this wonderful family so is back where he was born living with 5 other dogs. He is full of energy and fun but is submissive to the girls who he knows are in charge. Loves to play football and very treat orientated. Stanley is fine being left with the other dogs but would show signs of separation anxiety if the only dog and would bark. Is fed separately, not because of aggression, but because if he finishes his dinner first he would try to help someone else finish theirs and get himself in trouble!

Stanley is a super fun, cuddly and loving lad who struggles to trust new people straight away, more so ‘manly’ men, so would need a home that understands this and can give him his own space and time to bond. Sadly due to lock down, he has not been able to get lots of socialisation with people and he may need a couple of meets. His ideal home would be a lady on her own with a bitch that is young enough to play fight but old enough to keep him in his place.


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