Please give a warm welcome to this stunning chap.

This is Ricky, he is two and a half years old, microchipped and still entire. He is a semi coat and so he will require regular grooming.

Ricky was yet another poor soul who was on the put to sleep list quite simply as there wasn’t any room for him, we made room and so here he is.

Ricky was quite shy when he first arrived so everything was taken at his pace but that changed very quickly once he’d been out on his first walk!

He has a very good appetite but he is very picky when it comes to treats!

This boy just loves to be out and about. He isn’t phased by traffic, loud noises or passers by and he actually wants to say hello to every dog that he sees.

He’s been absolutely fine around the people that he’s met and likes nothing more than a good bum scratch!

Ricky needs a bit of work as he’s a bit of a puller but in his defence it’s only to get to some good sniffs.

Ricky we think would be ok to live alongside a spayed female or a neutered male after of course the right intros.

As he’s an ex poundie we would only place him with older children and we cannot cat test.

Ricky has already made himself at home and is a new favourite amongst the volunteers.

Please give this boy the chance he deserves.

Ricky has been adopted.


Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

Why we do what we do

German Shepherd Rescue Elite was not only set up to help as many unwanted, abandoned and neglected German Shepherds as possible, but to also offer education to the general public on the responsibilities / pros / cons of owning a large working breed dog and to be able to offer help and advice so hopefully we can become the prevention for once instead of always being the cure.

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