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Have a look at this lovely girl, her name is Rio, she is 6 years old, and now spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

This poor girl was taken to the vets to be PTS by her caring owner when she told the newly imported puppy off for constantly jumping all over her, no doubt because she was in season. Luckily this was her regular vets and they said that it didn’t sound like she had done anything out of the ordinary so the owner also decided to slip into the conversation that she had also growled at the grandchild when she was hanging around her neck?! The poor dog had some wet sore patches on her face and the child no doubt caught these and Rio just told her to back off.

Luckily for Rio the vets asked if he would sign her over to them and they would find her a rescue space – and here she is!

Since being with us she has been a gem of a girl, she is a typical bitch who will stand her ground but at the same time is loving and happy to be around all people she has met so far, although on walks she seems fine around other dogs, she did briefly go into foster and took against the 2 resident dogs, so we think a pet free home is what this girl needs. She also saw the resident kennel cats and showed little interest. She has been previously bred from so this may be why she defends herself in the first instance. To our knowledge she has never lived with children so we suggest teenagers only. Rio will need an experienced home who will continue to work with her issues with meeting dogs and also accept if she prefers to be the only dog with no doggy company at all, also gradually introducing her to people who visit the house and removing her if this is what is needed.

Can you offer this lovely girl the second chance she has been granted and show her the love she deserves.

Rio is finally in a home of her own!



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