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Have a look at this stunning lad, only a baby at 18 months old, he is neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped

He hasn’t been around young children and so teenagers only as he is a very bouncy boy, needs further doggy work but has been attending training classes, unknown with cats and livestock.

He really was not getting the time and attention he needed in his home and was often left outside for long periods, he knows his basic commands, recall unknown as no off lead done.

Lady owner was pregnant and could not cope with new baby and boisterous young dog.

Our assessor found Rocco to be a friendly, lively young dog and with the correct training and care he could make someone a fabulous dog.

Rocco went into foster with a view to adopt and having been there over 2 months, and having told us they wanted to adopt, they messed about with paperwork and when they might pay, the couple suddenly changed their mind and wanted him gone immediately because he was still not getting on with other dogs…..I suspect they decided they did not want to make a donation for adopting him as they kept delaying it!

Having been back in kennels a week now, this is what a volunteer had to say about him having met him for the first time:

“Considering I was another new person he was slightly submissive/ unsure but within less of a minute of having him on lead he came leaning into me for an ear rub.
Let this lad decide when he’s comfortable to say hi which isn’t that long😊
Bouncy young healthy lad on lead but apart from occassional reminder he was ok on lead.
Shortly on our walk we met two new volunteers ( male and female ) and he showed a healthy interest on them approaching us and again in his time he went for a sniff.
The last two pics is how soppy he had become😉
Met Prince in the park and became a bit more bouncy and gave a scared bark, Prince gave one controlled bark and then he walked on seemed more relaxed.
Explored his environment and handled the town, park and companion well. He had occasional sniff from behind but mainly explored.
Needs further socialising as his behaviour seems the result of the lack of it but he seems a quick learner 😊
Responsive to handler and a pleasure to watch this healthy young beauty.
After his walk he had +++ cuddles which he seemed to melt into (pics as evidence )

This absolute beauty needs that someone to further his socialisation and the patience and love to do so. On our short adventure yesterday he Coped well and this was just in an hour!
He’s a clever lad😊
He seemed fine with the few cars that we passed.”

He can be a very strong willed and dominant dog. He will need a confident and calm owner who is GSD experienced so that this lad understands his boundaries and can work with his issues with other dogs.

Rocco is in his new home!


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