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Rocko has now been adopted.

Rocko has been with us at the Cheshire kennels since December 22. He is a fun and goofy dog once he knows you, he can still get a little over excited and mouth but stops when told or distracted with a toy.

He has walked with a number of the other kennel dogs with no issue but not overly keen on entire males. We feel he would live happily with a female or as the only dog in the home.

He is a strong lad on lead and can sometimes react to passing dogs and cars but this is not a major issue and is manageable.

He can be protective of his people so any introduction to new people or dogs should be done while muzzled.

He can be stubborn at times but in a cheeky way!

Rocko recently had a night away from kennels with one of our volunteers Craig  and he was the perfect houseguest. He had a nosy round everywhere then went outside to play, he was happy to be outside on his own just enjoying the sunshine. He started the night upstairs but then took himself back downstairs to sleep and woke Craig up at six am with a wet nose in his face telling him he needed to go out.

Rocko is looking for an adult only home who are prepared to continue with his training and give him boundaries from the start.


History on Rocko

Poor Rocko has been with us since being picked up as a very young stray and sadly is looking for a new home again. He is back in his original foster home where he is part of a pack again, so it appears his doggie socialisation was not continued as this was one of the complaints for him from the first home. The second home he seems to have decided he does not like their son. He is now neutered.

“Well what can I say about this little man! We got a call from a council contact who had been asked to take in Rocko after he had been found straying. We believe he is only a few months old. He is microchipped but not registered. He came in riddled with worms bless him and no muscle tone at all.

Rocko is now in foster living with a pack and is full of confidence and bravado. Super friendly, typical puppy in all other ways. He seems to be house trained and only has the odd mistake.Rocko will stay in foster while we get his puppy vaccinations sorted and of course make sure he is worm free.

A super young lad, Rocko will probably fit into most homes that are used to dealing with a confident young pup!

Rocko, renamed Hunter, was adopted, but sadly he is in need of a new home again. His family do not feel they have the experience to continue his training, plus their work patterns are changing meaning he will be left too long.

Hunter is fully vaccinated and but not yet neutered. as we are giving him a chance to mature. He is currently living with 2 children of 7 and 9. Is used to being left for a few hours without any chewing. No issues over food or toys and whilst still needs some lead work, we are told he does have recall and basic commands.

Hunter is a typical young lad who is very active and energetic, does jump up and mouth still, but nothing aggressive. He needs an owner who has more time to give him in terms of training, boundaries and socialisation with other dogs. Hunter was fine with other dogs when in foster, but we are told he lunges towards other dogs when out, but suspect this is down to not having had his doggie socialisation continued.

Again Hunter renamed Reggie was adopted but again the home has struggled as he has taken a dislike to their son (teenager) and friends.”

This lad really deserves a home that can work with him please and he would probably benefit from living with an older bitch for guidance.

This is what the kennels have to say Rocko:

“Rocko is a cuddle monster and loves to please his people. He is a big lad and isn’t very keen on male dogs but been good with female dogs so could live with a female dog. He does pull a bit on lead but walks well on a halti. Just a big lad with a lot of love to give.”

Cheshire - KENNELS
DOB 14.10.2020 (est)
Good with children:
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