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This is what Rocky’s owners had to say about him.

‘Rocky is a Belgian Malinois and is 10 months old. Rocky is very energetic and playful. He likes long walks and chasing sticks. He is a great guard dog especially in his house, he barks and gets very excited whenever people come through our gate. He is great with his older sister Mya (Alaskan Malamute) but can be cautious of other dogs he does not know. We have had Rocky since he was 5 weeks old due to his mum Pepper not liking him very much and attacking him resulting in rocky having his tail docked. He has always been great with my toddler a bit boisterous at times but usually in a playful manner. Recently due to changes at work for both me and my wife Rocky just isn’t getting the time and exercise he needs and has shown his frustration toward my daughter in the form of growling and showing his teeth. Rocky needs somebody who has the time and patience to love and care for him.’

Rocky will be 1 year old late June and is now neutered as he had an undescended testicle.Vaccinated and microchipped. He is more likely to be a cross as his colouring is Dutch Herder and he is going to be a big boy. Super friendly with people. No young children due to his size and age.

This young lad just needs an experienced home that understands the needs of the breed in terms of physical and mental stimulation.

Rocky has proved his weight in gold and licensed as a police dog with Essex.

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