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Rommel is 2.5 years old and is spayed and microchipped. We are told she is fully vaccinated. Rommel is good with children and dogs but a definite no to cats and other small furries as she has a high prey drive. She is being rehomed due to work commitments meaning she is at doggie day care Monday to Friday which is now causing a financial strain. This is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“Rommel is in good condition overall. She is a small working type bitch. She was at the breeders until 18 months in a kennel environment. She is very loving but does not seek your affection. She will happily settle in the same room and if anything can be shy to start.

We went for a walk. She is good on the lead until she sees a cat/dog/squirrel! She will react to other dogs as she approaches by barking and lunging although is friendly once with them. She is food and toy orientated and has basic commands.

Rommel now needs to progress further with training, especially with other stimuli. She is quite wired and a job like agility or similar would be great for her. She definitely needs someone active as she has the energy for it. She is in day care 5 days a week at the moment with lots of other dogs and only reacts on a lead. Apparently with the trainer she is good and reacts well for men.”

Rommel will need an experienced home that can give her the exercise, training and stimulation she needs please. Are you that home?

Rommel has been rehomed by her owner.

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