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Another young lad we were asked to take in from council kennels who was running out of time:

“Roscoe is a very worried shy German shepherd dog. He has taken a very long time to come round to kennel staff- this isn’t all kennel staff, he is selective on who he wants to be friends with. He is very fearful- not aggressively- but will run away to get himself out of situations where he feels scared or uncomfortable. One of the kennel staff is spending time in his run, slowly feeding him treats and sitting with him. This is proving to work as he is beginning to settle down and lay himself near her. We can see that he feels abandoned and left in this world and is not forgiving any person. He truly is a beautiful dog and you can see is wanting to trust someone, but is still deciding who. You will often find him in the very back of his run, sprawled out, relaxing and enjoying his own company. He does enjoy his food and really enjoys his extra tasty coaxing treats.”

Roscoe is about 18 months old. He was not microchipped or vaccinated but is now. Now neutered. This young man is going to a need an experienced home to help him continue to learn to trust people and start living life. Has found to be super friendly and playful with other large breed dogs of both sexes so would benefit from the company of another dog to give him confidence and guidance. He most certainly is happy going out for a walk with other dogs at the kennels.

Roscoe is now in foster with an older GSD and this is what foster mum has to say about him:

“Roscoe has been great with everyone who he has meet, friendly and polite. He has been brilliant at a new dog training environment with 8 other German Shepherds in his class and meeting a lot more outside class. He meets other dogs with friendly interest. He has taken it all in his stride, not putting a step wrong. He is easily trainable with nice food treats. Roscoe is good around dog savvy cats in the house (but likely to chase outside strange cats and squirrels etc). He is also fine around calm horses. He is fine with my 7 year old daughter. He has a very manner gentle, he takes treats very gently. He is pretty good on the lead, he is not a puller in general. He gets on fine with my GSD, taking the lead from him generally. He has been polite and confident with house visitors. He follows me around the house like a shadow. He is clean in the house, I just have to ask him to go outside.

He can run fast and jump for England with this long legs.  He can open doors very easily, just pushing down the handle with his paw. He doesn’t much like being left alone, but he is getting a bit better about it day by day.

He really is a lovely splendid GSD, who has been a complete pleasure to be around (so far). I expected a shy GSD, but he has been absolutely great with very limited baggage (it at all any) for a rescue dog.”

Roscoe has been adopted.

Hampshire - IN FOSTER
DOB 1.11.21 (est)
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Good with cats:

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