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This young lady is Ruby who was born on 1.12.18. She has come from working lines and is vaccinated and microchipped and now spayed.

We were asked to take Ruby in by a lady who had helped out her owners who were finding her too much. A breeder had sold 2 puppies to this older couple and they quickly returned one, but could/would not take Ruby back when they realised she needed more than they could give.

This is what her rescue mum has to say about her:

“Ruby, 5 months old on the 1st May 2019, KC reg, working line.  She sleeps through the night and usually we let her out for a pee about 5am then she is happy to go back to bed.  She has been ok out and about meeting people and calm dogs, puppies, etc.  Not good with our older dogs in the house even though they are not reactive. She was mouthing and jumping up when we got her as she was pretty freaked out but now so is a lot calmer and is a cheeky little girl.  She is a really good traveller.  She doesn’t chew anything in the house and is very active as you can imagine.  We love this little girl and are gutted we can’t keep her.  She has a lot going for her, it’s just that we can’t have her with our dogs.”

Ruby was adopted but came back as we were told she bit someone for no reason. Unsure of the actual circumstances or if it even happened.

Ruby will need a home that can give her the mental and physical stimulation and exercise a dog of her kind needs. Not bred to be a typical family pet.

A wonderful opportunity for the right home!

Ruby licensed as a Prison Dog and was loving her working life and was renamed Trudy.

Sadly Trudy was medically retired as she has a slight limp at the front if over exerted. Her handler wrongly decided he was the owner of the dog and passed her onto another rescue. Fortunately it was a good rescue who is set up for retired working dogs.

If you are interested in Trudy we will share your details with the rescue who is caring for her. This is their write up:

“I am a young girl who retired early from my working role, I am still super active though and the vet said that I should have no health issues relating to this if I live my life as a pet dog.

I still have lots of work to do to become a fully fledged pet dog and need a quiet, calm and patient home to help me learn about the world outside of work as it is all so new to me and at times a little overwhelming. Children are a little too noisy & busy for my liking so I will definitely need a home free from children.   I would like to be the only pet in the house too please.  I am ok to be left alone in the house.  I have a lot to learn, but I am super clever, I just need time and a human who would be committed to my progression and who is super understanding to my needs. ”



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Scotland - IN FOSTER
DOB 1.12.18
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
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OK in Home

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