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Ruby is 5 years old. She is now spayed. She is microchipped.

We were asked to take Ruby in as an emergency and have little history on her other than she has not had the best start in life due to her owners failings.

Ruby is a GSD cross Doberman we were told, but is down as a Dutch Herder on her microchip?! This poor young lass came to us in a petrified state and was kennel guarding but most of it was bravado and nervous aggression.

No children. Can live with certain dogs but probably best as the only dog in the home. This young lady needs a very experienced home, foster or forever, that can give her the calm and confident handling she needs, while showing her the world can be a pleasant place.

Ruby has tremendous toy drive and has started to show a much more confident young lady but does need a lot of work with people socialisation.

Update on Ruby:

“This girlies confidence grows by the day. She’s currently driving the boys nuts, as she’s in season at the moment. So a rural walk it was, to ensure no accidents could happen. This girl is mega inquisitive and loves exploring.

Ruby needs a pet free home as with those dogs she has been mixed with, she gets over excited and either wants to jump on their heads and hump them or nip in over excitement. Either way her behaviour gets her into trouble. Due to Ruby’s past, we would also be looking for a children home.
Ruby, would like a home that her people are around most of the time. To begin with they’ll need to take things really slowly. She can be a real scared girl at times. But her confidence and trust grows daily. Her character shines through as a special, cheeky princess.”

Can you please help Ruby?

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DOB 2.2.18
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