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Have a look at this lovely girl, still very much a pup at 21 month old, she had a season back in June so could be spayed now, fully vaccinated with her booster due in November, she is microchipped.

Ruby can be wary of new people / dogs / situations and will bark as she is unsure. Her owner takes her out in a muzzle on walks after she nipped a man’s after the owner thinks he accidentally trod on her tail after they had been stood talking which I think is a natural reaction from a scared pup.

Not a fan of the postman and will shred the post, wears her muzzle if meeting visitors at home which is a good idea and people are asked to ignore her which has been working.

She is left for up 8hrs with no real issues, travels fine in the car, no toy or food aggression at all, she knows all her basic commands and has ok recall but not in public places.

Our assessor thought Ruby was a lovely girl who has so much potential for someone with nervous dogs who need confidence to progress in life.

Ruby was adopted and things were going ok but the nervous aggression was still lurking waiting to rear it’s ugly head again and that is what has happened and her new family cannot deal with it. As with many NA dogs it is something that never really goes away and does need to be managed.Here is what her mum has to say about her:

Here is the lovely young Ruby. She is a lovely dog who has come a long way in the few months we’ve had her. She has bonded more with the female of the home more than the male members and did display some guarding issues in the first few weeks.

She loves playing ball and sniffing out new surroundings. She knows the basic commands and her lead work is better than it was. She loves fuss and attention.

Ruby has never shown food or toy aggression..
She has been left up to 6 hours a day on occasion without any issues.

Sadly, she seems to dislike men and did lunge at the male members of the family the first few weeks she was with us but that is no longer an issue. However, twice over the last couple of weeks she’s bitten the Dad of the household and gone to bite the Son without warning. I don’t think we were given the full picture of Ruby’s background, no fault of GSRE. Ruby has never shown any aggressive behaviour to the female member of the family. She really is a lovely dog who would thrive in a more experienced home who understands her issues and can help her overcome whatever she’s struggling with. We had GSD’S over the last 20 years and never experienced any biting from our previous 2 dogs so it’s really upset and us all. .

She is very vocal when someone walks past the home but she’s better than she was. We don’t have many visitors but given the latest incidents we are nervous of anyone coming to visit.

We’re heartbroken Ruby needs to find another home and deserves a better chance in life.

Ruby has now been adopted.

21 month
Good with children:
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