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We were asked to help this lovely girl by the police:

“Police were called by owners who had brought the dog a week previously but were scared of the dog around children in the house.  Family at location have recently bought a rescue GSD, information it was 5 ½ years old from Spain and bought up with family and was friendly. Family have become concerned of the dog’s behaviour as on different occasions has turned to bite or has bitten. RUBY is very aggressive towards other dogs and can turn to bite handler in frustration. The family have a three-year-old at location and took to locking RUBY in a room and feeding her through the door and not risking any contact for safety. Ruby was walked out of the location by the father. She was very stressed on the journey in the van.”

Whilst in kennels the update was:

“I was able to remove her from her kennel on a slip lead and take her out without any issues, kennels have seen no behaviour issues of concern though she can be noisy. Certainly appears suitable for you to have a look at for possible rehoming.”

Ruby is now safely in our care where it was very quickly picked up that not only does this lovely girl have bad jaw confirmation, but that she is stone deaf, which explains so much of her behaviour. Very quickly she is picking up on doggy sign language and being able to communicate with her seems to have brought her to life. Understanding she cannot cope with certain food and treats was quickly sorted, as was toys. Ruby cannot cope with typical hard toys for GSD’s as she cannot get the proper grip, so some soft, but tough toys were asked for, and now she has a whole wheelbarrow of them to herself and absolutely loves playing.

Ruby is actually a super friendly and loving girl that has obviously just been totally misunderstood because of her deafness, and quite possibly missed out a lot on the joys of life because of her jaw confirmation.

This lovely girl would love a home of her own with no children or other animals, as she has so much love to give!



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Cornall - KENNELS
DOB 25.10.16 (est)
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