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This beautiful young lady is believed to be 8 years old and has been with the same owner since a puppy. She is being re-homed because the owner is unable to cope with her due to ill health. Currently living with relatives they are unable to give her the attention she needs and deserves.

She is still entire. She has never lived with another dog, and is untested around young children. She does chase cats. She has not had much in the way of exercise in recent years and does pull on a lead. She is pretty much unsocialised with other dogs and does sometimes bark when she sees them.

She was very well behaved on a recent trip to the vet and to the groomers for a pampering session. She travels well in a car.

I found Shadow to be a very well behaved dog that appears to be both inquisitive and energetic. Apart from not being too keen on me opening her mouth to look at her teeth she let me touch her all over.

She was attentive from the start but even more so when I produced the sausages. Great focus and self control by not taking the treats from my open palm until told to do so. Knows basic commands and was told she has recall when not too distracted, not confirmed.

She didn’t react to me arriving at the house nor to the other two visitors whilst I was there. She was calm greeting everyone appropriately with a sniff. She was soon seeking my attention by nudging my arm. She seemed to appreciate a good fuss.

I wasn’t able to walk with Shadow at the time of her assessment so we went back a couple of days later. She was very excited at the prospect of going out. She does pull on the lead but this had improved significantly by the end of the walk.

I introduced her to my male GSD and she showed no adverse reactions. They were happy to walk together and be in each others space. During the walk Shadow saw and passed close to dogs, traffic, cyclists and pedestrians without reaction. In fact she was very well behaved.

I’m pleased to say that Shadows Vaccinations have been restarted and she is now micro chipped.

Shadow has been rehomed by her owners.


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