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Sammi is just 2 years old. She is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.  Was adopted from us a year ago and sadly being rehomed because of her mum’s unexpected health problems.

“Sammi is a stunning, affectionate girl, always pleased to see us and can eb incredibly well behaved when she’s calm. She is high energy and can find it hard to settle. Some evenings she’ll lay on her bed calmly, other times she’s constantly at you wanting to play, trying to climb on you and mouthing. In the year she’s been with us this has improved a lot and happens less frequently. We often give her a supervised frozen Kong filled with soaked kibble and chicken and she loves it and it keeps her attention and calms her.

With visitors she gets very excited, tries jumping up and take a while to settle. This has improved enormously with people she knows like my adult sons, it’s still a work in progress with strangers. She’s better with men, she can try to be dominant with women, sometimes mouthing, but if they’re confident she’s fine. She just wants attention and to play. If she gets too much we put her in the hall on her bed for 5 mins to calm down which she does. We don’t have young children in the family but she’s been fine with children over 12, just wanting them to play with her. She can be a bit rough in play still although she’s better than she used to be.

When we first got her she would walk past other dogs just looking at them. When we went into the first lockdown I spent every walk crossing the road and avoiding people and this has made her a little reactive, she barks and pulls towards them, we’ve had some success distracting her with treats or a tennis ball. She is fine with a neighbour’s dogs through the gate so I think this will be easily resolved with careful introduction.

She still pulls on the lead, improvement is about 50% to what it was when she first came to us. I do a lot of loose lead training in the garden and she’s perfect but outside the house she finds it hard to concentrate and is quite easily distracted. She’s currently walked on a Halti due to my knee problems, she tries to get it off but will settle in a few mins and walks really nicely. Her recall can be selective is she is distracted so her off lead time has been in a secure field across the road to us, she’ll wear herself out chasing tennis balls or just running around with you.

Sammi will give a couple of barks when she first goes into the garden. She also barks at loud fireworks and very loud thunder but it’s not constant barking. She doesn’t like the hoover but will go to her bed with a treat and pretty much ignore it. She will attack a mop or broom.

Sammi needs an experienced, confident and calm home where she can continue to improve, Somewhere without too much going on and she can get the exercise she needs would be perfect. This is a heart breaking decision, we absolutely adore her and it will be difficult letting her go, she will be very much missed, but unfortunately my condition isn’t going to improve and I am unable to give her everything she needs and deserves. She’s a strong, fit and healthy young girl, I just want what’s best for her.”

Sammi has been adopted.

DOB 6.1.18
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

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