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This lovely lady is Sheba who we believe to be about 4 years old. Her vaccinations have been done and she is now microchipped and spayed.

Sheba came to us from the pound where her time was up so we have no history on her. Has shown no issues since arriving and has been a little poppet so far although very mystified about the big wide world.

Got very excited being allowed to run free in the enclosure and play with toys, but a sweetheart out on a walk with one of the youngsters.

Sheba is anxious of men, which says a lot, and will need to be given time and space to trust them fully.

Sheba had a kennel break out for a few days so we could find out more about her and this is what her foster dad had to say:

“Sheba will make someone a wonderful pet!.  She was a little timid with me for the first 30 minutes or so but didn’t bark, she did visibly flinch if I moved unexpectedly but, within a hour she was laying on her back having her tummy tickled.  She travelled well in the car, very alert and interested in looking out of the windows.  Found Juke a bit overpowering for a few moments but soon realised that he was a big softie and she could run rings around him (Typical female).  She is very affectionate and inquisitive.

Our teenage grandson lives with us and I had warned him to come in quietly and sit down, waiting for her to come to him.  Well that didn’t happen because Sheba dived on him as soon as he came through the door, tail wagging and tongue licking.  Carol popped in yesterday also our 24 year old granddaughter and today our 40 something niece.  All have been welcomed.  On walks 2 men have walked up to stroke her and she responded with confidence,  Postie on his bike rode past, cars, nothing phased her.  We have passed a couple of cats and she ignored them.

She has been clean all through with no accidents.  Though totally untrained she is very greedy and so will respond well to reward based lessons.  We have managed basic “Sit” and “Down” but only for seconds at a time.  Comes when called in the house or garden but I wouldn’t risk loose outside as I think she could be spooked easily.  We have not had the chance to see her with children though  properly supervised I am fairly sure she would be ok though she is very playful and gently mouths.  The mouthing is very well controlled even when excited.  I tend to be up 2 or 3 times in the night, each time she was delighted to see me.  If one of us leaves the room for a few moments, she welcomes us back as though we had been gone for a week.

Now the only down side, one of us has been with her 24 hours a day but, even so, when Margie leaves for the school run etc. Sheba becomes very agitated and will not settle until she returns.  Having had experience of separation anxiety in dogs I know that the various strategies are not always effective.  Often you just have to work around it and be prepared to accept that the dog has to be left alone for the bare minimum of time and put up with scratched doors, chewed lino etc.

We hope Sheba will find a loving home very soon.”

Sheba found herself a home but has become too dominant and protective when out walking which needs an experienced home to manage. She is a very fit and energetic young lady now and needs somewhere she can burn off her excess energy please.

Sheba’s adopters have found someone to help them work her issues and are determined to work through them.



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