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This lovely young lass is Sheba who is coming up to 2 years of age. Now spayed and fully vaccinated and she is microchipped.

Sheba came to us from a local pound so we have no history on her. As no history we would not rehome with young children. She is fine with the other large dogs she encounters at the kennels but sadly when she went to a home, she became very resource possessive.

Sheba is a typical baby that has missed out on a good start in life in terms of training and socialisation, but she is a fast learner and soaks up her training.  She now knows all her basic cues – sit, down, wait, stay, leave and has good recall without distraction.  Her training and socialisation skills are being worked on weekly and she continues to improve in leaps and bounds.  She has also attended several hydro sessions to teach her to swim, she has turned out to be a real water baby!

Sheba is a very social girl, she loves to greet everyone she meets and is very enthusiastic in her greeting, showering the person with love and friendship immediately!

Sheba likes human company so much that she likes to be with people for the majority of the day, she is an intelligent girl who loves to learn, and make use of that very clever brain of hers with interactive toys, scent work and activities such as clicker training. Sheba will make a fun companion for an experienced dedicated owner. Sheba will need an active home where children are 12+.  She would like to be an only pet as she doesn’t like to share anything.  Also, a no to cats as she has high prey drive.

Are you Sheba’s special people?

Sheba has found her special home.

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