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Back in April 2020 we received this message from another rescue we work with to help Snap, Crackle and Pop as they are now named.

“We were asked to help with these three young Shep pups after they ended up in need and they magically appeared at kennels today 🤷🏼‍♂️. We don’t know their history but they are very very nervous and at the moment won’t accept touch. It’s so sad to see puppies that should be excited, playful and pleased to see you like this, who know what sort of existence they had.”

About 6 months old, these pups were feral and gave their foster mum a lot of challenges. It took months for them to trust any touching, and would nip if felt threatened. Thankfully they all like their food. After many months of learning to be dogs amongst foster mum’s other dogs, and increased trust in people, we finally managed to get them to the vets to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, especially as Poppy had her first season so we did not want accidents!

After their second vaccination, Snap, Crackle and Poppy headed off to the Essex kennels were the wonderful staff there began working with them slowly to learn about walking on a lead and the fun outside they can experience. Snap is definitely the more confident of the three and is picking up routines very well. Crackle is getting their slightly slower than his brother,  but poor Poppy was still so nervous about having a lead on and coming any further than the compound, it was decided it was best for her to go back to foster mum and learn some more from a confident pack.

We knew when we took these pups in they would be a long term project and would need time and patience, however, Snap and Crackle are ready to take the next step of a home of their own that have experience working with a dog with such a start in life, has the patience not to push them, and is not bothered by the odd nip if they push too hard. Both lads now let volunteers walk them and just need slowly and softly. Would be best to live with an older dog to show them the way and give them additional confidence.


Snap aka Kai has been in foster for a while now and has decided he is staying!

DOB 30.11.19 (est)
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