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Tonga is 4 years old. He is microchipped and we are told vaccinated, but currently entire. We don’t think he is a pure GSD. This is what our volunteer had to say about him:

“Tonga’s owners took him on from a home where the owner had returned to work and he was being left home alone for 10 hours a day.  As experienced German Shepherd owners they have worked succesfully to teach him some basic obedience.  He is naturally exuberant and typical of a shepherd of his age.  Soon after acquiring Tonga they discovered that he had some quite disturbing psychological issues  and he initially refused to eat, preferring to resource guard the food.  With patience they managed to get him eating and to realise that the male was not going to take his food away.  They believe that he has suffered some serious abuse from an adult male.  He continues to show some fear aggression around men and for that reason he wears a muzzle when he goes out or the vet.

He is lovely and fun with females and clearly adores the female at his current home. The gentleman of the house is disabled with some mobility issues needing two sticks to walk.  He is at home most of the time.  The lady goes out to work meaning that Tonga’s needs are met by the gentleman during the day. Unfortunately, Tonga continues to want to dominate the gentleman when they are home together, which together with his exuberance is creating problems for someone who cannot get out of the way or stand up from a chair quickly.  He also shows some fear aggression when his female owner is not present.  Consequently, Tonga spends a lot of time in a room alone for the safety of all concerned.

When I arrived at the house, ringing the doorbell was met with the usual German Shepherd barks and I met with the family before Tonga was brought through to meet me.  When he came through he greated me enthusiastically.  He really is a lovely and affectionate dog.  He has a fantastic temperament with females. Tonga knows commands such as Sit, Down, Wait, Paw, Tonga come, Last One (when chasing a ball) and will follow a finger as a command.  He loves his routine and settles down well in his room overnight.

Tonga loves going out in the car and when he has been taken to a secure field to run around he has ignored sheep grazing in the next door field.  He is fine with things like fireworks.  “

Tonga’s ideal home would be a female only home with someone who has the experience to continue working with his issues. He has been around teenagers but probably best to have a child free home or older female children only. Unknown around other dogs. Are you Tonga’s special home?

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