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Wonder is a GSD cross Malamute cross Rotti. He is 2 years old and is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Being rehomed as his lady owner cannot manage his behaviour. This is what our volunteer has to say about him:

“ Wonder is a lovely dog who currently lives in a beautiful rural home. The lady sadly lost her husband and wanted a large dog as a companion/protector. He was super as a puppy, good with all people, however certain behaviours were allowed i.e. jumping up and chasing cars up the drive, which for a large dog are not great, and also the reason for a few incidents when he believed he was protecting.

Wonder is good with other dogs of all sizes but needs more doggy manners. He doesn’t react when being told off (which my girl did several times) but he simply ignores it so is going to get into trouble at some point. He has no food/toy issues with people or dogs but will occasionally steal items, especially shoes, and then plays about giving it back.

Walks ok on a lead. Strong when wants to go another way! Walks on collar or harness but does settle and walks nicely. Really wouldn’t take much to improve this.

Wonder is obviously very handsome but he is very Malamute in his traits so experience with this or giving a dog space is vital. Once he knows you he loves his people, you just have to respect him. Loves to be groomed. Very bright boy who I think would enjoy further training of any kind due to the mix of 3 clever breeds. Currently lives with cats. Can be unsure of fireworks. Chases reflections!”

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West Sussex
2 years
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