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This lovely boy is Zac and he is currently in kennels with another rescue and this is what they had to say about him:

Zac is an owner surrender, due to a change in their circumstances. He is 8 years old, neutered, vaccinated, chipped, worm and flea treated.


Zac is child and dog friendly, not keen on cats. He travels well in the car and has been assessed in a foster home. He is well behaved and good in a home environment. His foster home wrote the following assessment.


Zac is great at the sitting and lying down and stay commands when treats are on offer. Also very good at waiting for the treat, but he won’t give paw. He likes to ignore the commands when out on walks but will sit when it’s quiet and you persevere with him. He does like to bark and pull towards fast moving cars, but we’re working on this and he’s much better than he used to be.


He’s very tolerant of the children, he will play happily with them and is visably more gentle when they are playing tug of war etc.  Zac likes to chew his toy on your lap then drops it and if you don’t play with him he does a kind of half bark, It’s very funny. Almost sounds like he’s loosing his voice, but he’s just quietly telling you to play please. His appetite is much better since he was neutered, and he has no problem with you being near him or even touching his food while he eats.

The cat does not tolerate him, He barks every time she comes in (cat flap is in the hallway). The interaction they have had did not go well and resulted in my wife being bitten by our cat. They now live separately in the house.  Zac is happy to be made a fuss of anywhere, loves having his belly rubbed.  He’s a super soft cheeky chappy that likes to steal soft toys, sit on the sofa when your not around and then stare at you with a comical expression when you ask him to get down Loves long walks especially down the river bank (he tries to catch stones if you throw them in the river) His favourite toys are balls and he’s very good at catching and playing football with his feet.

Zac is great being left alone in the house. He does whine softly when you leave but is quick to quiet down. Doesn’t raid bins or anything. Also very excited to greet you on your return. Doesn’t jump up to much either. He has a lovely bed but prefers to lay on the floor (I guess because it’s cooler). Also fine with household appliances and quite enjoys the hoover (hose) over his fur 😊 He’s been bathed in the family bath tub and was fine with that too. Whined a little but stood still and let us wash and dry him.
He just loves being outside, I think he would sit/be outside all day long if he could have his way.

Zac has found himself a new home thanks to GSRE advertising him!

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