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Beautiful Amber was adopted in 2020 but sadly her mum has passed away. She is currently being cared for by friends but will need a new home long term. Amber is now 10 years old. She would be best in a child free home due to her age and she is not great with other dogs.

Amber is very friendly with people once she gets to know them but will typically bark at strangers. Used to being left a few hours at a time and travels well. Was being fed raw but will need a grain free diet. Currently on Naturo.

Amber is a typical older lady, she will pull or plod on her lead depending on her mood. Tends to go deaf when outside of the home to recall. She also has food aggression but is fine if left to it. She is in great shape for her age and has a super coat.

Can you please give this lovely older lady a quiet retirement home?

“This lovely girl is Amber who is 8 years old. She is spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated.  Amber came to us through another rescue and this is what we were told:

“I have a female GSD transferred to my kennels from another Met police holding kennels. She was taken into kennels due to her owner being arrested and was classed as prisoner’s property. She hadn’t done anything wrong and owner has now been sent to prison. Police have given the usual 14 days to find her a rescue place or be pts.

Amber is 8 years young, microchipped, fully vaccinated and looks like she has been spayed. She has been shaved round her back legs area due to having a wound on her leg and some matting and the hair is growing back slowly. She is such a sweetheart, very affectionate and absolutely loves cuddles and giving kisses. She hasn’t been dog tested and is focused on other dogs when being walked and at times pulls towards and at no time has she growled or been vocal towards them, She kennels fine with dogs either side of her with no issues. She is also muzzled trained and loves her food/treats. Not shown any interest in toys. She knows basics and is responsive to handler. “

Amber has been in a home environment and whilst she is fine with people, she will not live with another dog as she is too dominant and will need continued socialisation work outside of the home. A lovely girl in every other way however.

Amber has been adopted by her foster home.”

Amber, now called Ember, has been adopted by the people looking after her after her mum’s passing.

Beautiful Ember has passed over Rainbow Bridge.


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