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Baxter is now with us in our Cheshire kennels.

Baxter is with another rescue who have asked for our help to find him his forever home, here is what they had to say about him:

Baxter is chipped and snipped and his vaccinations are up to date.

He was handed over to us by a security company , reason being that one of their handlers twisted his collar to force Baxter into dropping a toy and Baxter bit the handler. This is obviously mishandling and I would place no blame on any dog that reacted this way.
Prior to security having Baxter he was living from 8 weeks of age with a family with two very young children, this family had no dog ownership experience and struggled with Baxter’s resource guarding of food & his food bowl.

He is very possessive of his food & bowl , we now scatter feed him to overcome the issue as he will carry his bowl around his kennel area and will guard it when approached.

Baxter is a big pup and loves to go for long walks with our staff . He can be quite excitable and will try to chase bicycles and heavy traffic , he can be corrected if handler spots them first & tells him NO.

I walk him myself most days and have never found him anything but great fun , others find him a hand full as he jumps up and mouths when over excited (he doesn’t do this with everyone & in 7 months I’ve not personally experienced this behaviour from him.

If you feel you could be the new start Baxter is looking for then please get in touch.

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Cheshire - KENNELS
DOB 3.2.20
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