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Introducing the gorgeous Bella who is a 4 year GSD cross .

Bella is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She originally came to us through another rescue as her owner gave her up as she felt she was too much to handle.

Since being in rescue Bella has made a considerable improvement in her training and socialisation.  This will continue to be worked on daily.  Bella will now calmly walk side by side with other dogs, she now has good foundation basic training and has good solid use of the following commands; sit, down, wait, stay, paw, pray. She loves to play and her leaves/ drop’s are coming along well, her lead manners have also much improved.  Due to having a strong prey drive Bella’s recall is still very much work in progress when distractions are involved.

Bella is fine with children and a very friendly, loving girl. She was living with a cat but the cat started to run from her so Bella would chase.  So a home without a cat would be best.

If you want a travel companion Bella is your girl.  She absolutely LOVES the car, liking nothing better to sit and watch the word go by.  So, if there was someone out there that could take her to work with them every day then she would be so happy! Oh and if you could find puddles, ponds, lakes or sea (in fact any type of water) that would also be much appreciated by Bella as she loves water nearly as much as car journeys.

This girl just needs an experienced home to continue her training and socialisation, in turn you will have the most loving and fun addition to your family you could ever wish for.

Bella has been adopted by her foster home!


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