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May I introduce Belle, aka the Girl on the Blue Rope. Belle was found tied to the gates of another rescue we work with. She was so scared it took 24 hours before they could even find out what sex she was. We believe she is about 5 years old. Belle is now in our kennels where she has settled well and comes out of her shell more and more every day and is in fact a complete cuddle monster with the kennel staff.

Belle’s vaccinations have been started, she has been microchipped and she is now spayed as she also needed two nasty cysts removing which had been left to fester on her.

Has not reacted to the other dogs and has in fact been brilliant with 3 of our big boys at the kennels. We would not rehome with young children due to not knowing her full history and her nervousness.

In the right home, calm and confident, the lovely Belle could bloom to be the Belle of the ball. Are you that special home?

Belle has been lucky enough to get a short term foster home so we could find out more about her in the home. This is what her foster dad has to say about her:

“When Belle first arrived it was heartbreaking, a poor pathetic little creature who only wanted to hide in corners, ran away as soon as we approached her.  Her tail was permanently down between her legs and her ears back.  Whilst timid with my wife and our teenage grandson she was truly terrified of me.  Very underweight she would eat, but only if we left food well away from ourselves.  She only looked confident in the garden with our, older, dog.

Progress was painfully slow and, at times, I wondered if I had finally met a dog that I couldn’t make a friend of.  However, very slowly, she started to trust me and after five days of patient work she was quite friendly with my wife and grandson and would tolerate me so long as I didn’t stand up quickly. One little accident overnight on day two but spotlessly clean since then.  On the third day she started to play with me and our dog in the garden and it was very nice to see her bouncing around.  We then had to return her to kennels for the weekend as we were going away.

We picked her up again on Monday and she was timid, but not quite so bad.  After about 24 hours she came out of her shell completely, she will come when called, loves a fuss and loves her grub.  She now has her tail high and wanders around the house confidently, choses to sleep by our feet, loves me brushing her  She met our four year old great grandson and she was very interested in him, licking his fingers and having a good old sniff, sadly he was much more interested in his tablet!.. Yesterday and today she seems to have gone into her second puppyhood, maybe the poor thing never had a first. She is desperate for stimulation and will demand attention, if we don’t give it she will make a toy of anything in range, I was busy this morning, walked out into the garden to find one of our cushions in the middle of the lawn.  Five minutes later she had grabbed a carrier bag from the waste bin.

Belle will need lots of patience and attention, plenty of stimulation and exercise but in return someone will get all of the intelligence, beauty and loyalty of the breed in a relatively small and manageable size.”

Belle has been adopted by her foster home.

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