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Bunter is available for adoption through GSRE after being taken to the vets and signed over by his owners. Due to this, not a great deal is known about this poor boy, who is currently being fostered whilst we search for a new home for him.

Bunter is an 18-month-old, 41kg, male, semi coated, black and tan German Shepherd. He is not currently neutered, but is vaccinated and microchipped. He has no known specific food allergies although he does eat grain free food, twice daily at present. He has no disclosed medical issues. He had lived with the family who left him at the vets since being a puppy and he has been in his foster home less than a week. Despite the above, he is said to be fine during visits to the vets.

Bunter is being rehomed through GSRE as his original owners didn’t want him and signed him over to the vet after being taken there to be PTS. His original family stated that Bunter had bitten their 4-year-old child as the dog was possibly trying to play with the child and pull them off the sofa which had caused some kind of injury. Due to the limited history known on this boy and the incident with the resident child, he will not be rehomed with young children. He has been in foster for under a week and during that time, no signs of aggression have been witnessed, only some mouthing when he doesn’t get his own way (no boundaries).

Bunter is selective with other dogs, unknown with cats and livestock. When the GSRE assessor visited him in his foster home, he did initially bark as he was closed in the kitchen. However, when he was let out, he greeted them in a friendly manner with no problems. He can be left up to 4 hours and does not show any destructive behaviour.
Bunter travels well in the car but can whine during the journey. He currently lives indoors at his foster home and is fully housetrained. He generally stays in the kitchen at present but does have the run of the house at times too. He walks amazingly well on a lead, does not pull and is very obedient. He has a recall and also knows sit, down and stand.

Bunter does not show any possessive tendencies towards people over his food/toys, but does show some possession over his water bowl with the other resident dog at the foster home. It is believed that he might do better as an only dog in the home. He is a very active, intelligent boy who needs to be taught boundaries and for somebody to give him the training he is crying out for.

Bunter temp home has worked with him and the resident dog and has now decided to keep him.

Derbyshire - IN FOSTER
18 month
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Good with cats:

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