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Feast your eyes on this lovely older boy. His name is Chewie, still entire as came in to us from the pound, he has started his vaccinations and will be chipped.

When this lad arrived he was so weak behind he dragged his toes, collapsed a few times and was unable to walk more than a few yards. As usual after spending a short time in our kennels he has put some weight on, helped along with a little pain relief and he has come on so much but we still didn’t feel he was quite right so we had the vet out and poor lad has an infection and some signs of worm burden so now on meds and been wormed!

He is a very friendly lad who appears to be about 6/8yrs but in his head he is about 2 and jumps around like a loon when he sees you.

As he came to us from the pound we have little knowledge of him, friendly with people so I am sure teenagers will be fine, seems ok around dogs on the kennel walks, no to cats.

Can anyone offer this lovely lad a place to call his own?

Sadly this poor lad had little control over his back end and was struggling to get about. We let him depart knowing he had been loved.



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