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Cody is a 9 year neutered male and has been through quite a lot in the last few years. Poor Cody has been very misunderstood. His original owners said he was not good with very young children or other dogs and reacted badly to them both on occasion when restraining him or touching him unexpectedly. Our volunteer found Cody to be very excitable and nervous, and believed the main factor was the lack of exercise he was getting due to his owner’s ill health. Cody had only ever been walked on lead and had never been properly trained or socialised.

Cody came into rescue in July 2011. In his first foster home there were no problems and he was fine with foster mum’s two dogs, one being an older GSD bitch and the other being a smaller cross breed male. Cody enjoyed going round to the stables and running free in the fields. A couple of weeks later a family came forward with teenage sons who were interested in adopting him. They were made fully aware of Cody’s issues but decided within a few days to let their neighbours visit along with their young children who were playing tennis on the lawn. Chasing the ball Cody thought one of the children was going to hit him with the racquet and nipped him. Despite the situation not being his fault Cody was returned and went to a nearby foster home. Again in foster there were no problems with other dogs. The only fight he had was when their bitch dog picked on him and he defended himself. It became very apparent however that he hated cats so he had to go into kennels.

Whilst in kennels at the age of 7, poor Cody suffered from gastric torsion and was rushed to the vets for surgery. He pulled through like the champ he is and went into foster with other dogs where he was no trouble at all. Cody then went onto another family with a lot more experience however over a year later he needed a new home urgently due to the breakdown of their marriage.

Cody loves being pampered and playing with his ball and in the right hands and with an experienced and confident owner who will stay on top of him we feel this lovely boy would become an excellent, loyal and loving companion.Now in foster this poor lad just needs an understanding home that will give him the confidence and space he sometimes needs. Are you that special home please?

Cody is staying with his foster family who have fallen for his charms!

The gorgeous Cody, renamed Henry, had a wonderful retirement with his foster family but is now smiling down at them from Rainbow Bridge.


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