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May we present the handsome Duke who is a GSD cross Collie.  Duke is 8 years old, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Duke is a very bright, intelligent and energetic loving boy who is looking for an active family to walk, run and play with him.

In the house Duke can be left with no problem. He can initially be wary of new visitors.  However, this is easily managed if visitors ignore him and he soon comes round to give you his ball to play with.

Duke absolutely loves his ball…did we say he loves playing with his play?  He is completely focused on it when out to the exclusion of all others as long as they leave his ball alone; but then who does like to share??

He can pull with excitement and will try to carry his lead.  However, this is easily corrected and is probably due to over excitement when being busted out of his kennel.  This lovely lad would be ideal for fly ball or agility.

Duke has lived with another smaller dog in the past and so with careful introductions this could again be possible.  Although it would take a series of meetings to ensure that it was the right match.

Duke has a good grasp of the basic commands and would be willing to learn anymore that you care to teach him to keep his brain occupied.  He now loves to be groomed (expect him to wriggle in bliss though), touched and cuddled but not smothered.

He has so much love and adoration to give the right family and has stolen the hearts of all of our kennel volunteers.  He would not be suitable to be homed with cats or young children.


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