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This very handsome lad is Freddie who is now 3 years old. He came in coming up to 2 years of age. He is microchipped and now neutered and vaccinated. We were asked to help this lad as he was in other kennels for training and rehoming. Sadly no training was done as the day the transporter went to collect him, he didn’t want a lead put on and was showing his teeth.

Freddie came in not liking a slip lead being put on, but was backing away showing his teeth more from fear, so suspect he was reacting to a recent bad experience, but he quickly accepted the people caring for him. What was apparent is he was more nervous of men.  In many other ways Freddie seemed well rounded and socialised.

Freddie was in foster for a long period with an adult family who tried to help him with his issues. Freddie will bite if he doesn’t trust you and will therefore need to be muzzled when out and meeting new people. He will bond with his person and would really prefer them to female.

We would not rehome Freddie with children. To date he has been fine around other large breed dogs and was in foster with a GSD bitch. He actually felt he had to protect her as well.

Freddie will need a very GSD experienced home who can continue his training whilst showing him the world can be fun and he can just enjoy being a dog.


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