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Gretel is now 1 year old having come into us in July. Gretel came in with her brother Hansel when we were asked to take them in by another rescue to help give them the start to life they had missed out on. They were rescued from an awful situation where they had been left to grow up feral and had no socialisation with anything other than each other. They are both very nervous and scared of daylight where they were kept in dark conditions. Both dogs made big steps thanks to Auntie Jan and Uncle Chris where they learnt to accept a slip lead being put on and off, and had off lead exercise with a steady older dog whilst learning to be handled.

Gretel is now in foster and here is her update:

“Hey everybody “lil G” here……Its been 40 days since Auntie Sarah picked me up in her arms from underneath a bench that I was hiding under & carried me out & put me in the back of this bright yellow van….Through the gaps in the crate I could see two other furry things looking back at me, one BIG one & one little one not much bigger than me….Little did I know that this was going to be the start of my Adventures….

4 hours later & the crate door opens & after a few minutes I thought it was worth taking a look outside, so I slowly edged forward to see what the outside world really looks like………Well, where do I start !!!!!!

Waiting to greet me was the Mighty Nanook & everybodys favourite little tearaway Breeze….Sat just behind them on the grass was there human, who I later found out thanx to Auntie Sarah & Auntie Maria was my New Foster Dad…..I thought to myself, “Right then Gretel, play it cool, play it cool” that lasted about 2 minutes while Nook & B had a little sniff of me & I had a little sniff back…….Then…….I saw the look in little “B’s” eyes……All of you out there in GSRE World that have meet little “B” either on walks or at the kennels know the look Im talking about, weve all seen it, & we all know what it means………

PLAY TIME !!!!!!

Well, that was 40 days ago & we havent stopped play since………Here is a little list of some of the things I have been up to in the last 40 days when I havent been playing…..

Ran around in my New Foster Homes garden none stop with “B” until we wrecked the lawn (Its now fenced off as its a mud pit at the moment thanx to us Hee Hee)

Lots of short car journeys…..I can now do long journeys & love it in the back of the van with Nook & B

Saw my first ever Sunset

Lots of visits to my Foster Gramps house & playing with his dog

Lots of visits from my Foster Dads Sisters & his young Nephew

Been on walks with Auntie Maria & 2 of her dogs Mylo & Zeb……Also went for a visit at Auntie Maria’s house & met all 4 of her dogs & her cats & her bird thingy & her guinea pig…….

Been on walks with Auntie Jacquie & Uncle Martyn & there dogs Carrie & Jake

Went to the kennels & met up with Auntie Sandra when she was visiting & she took me for a little walk around the arena……All you dogs out there keep an eye out for this lady she has the BEST TREATS EVER !!!!! Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

Went to the vets & had all my Vaccinations

Walked the 2 miles from my Foster Home to my Foster Gramps House in rush hour & only got scared once when some Lycra wearing idiot came bombing along the pavement right behind me………..Dont worry folks, my Foster Dad had a few words with him about it, none of which I can repeat.

Curled up in front of the Woodburner…..Toasty Warm

Destroyed a few toys

Went for a swim in the river………Yea, didnt like that very much

Oh, & lots & lots of playing……..& Im pretty sure that there is more adventures & lots & lots of playing still to come……If you think you could help me with more adventures & more playing for the rest of my life, please feel free to contact the lovely people here at GSRE & if they think you are up for the task, they will let me know…………….Oooooops just seen the time, got to run, its PLAY TIME AGAIN !!!!!!!


Gretel AKA “lil G”


This girl is really ready for her forever home who can continue her socialisation and training!

The gorgeous Gretel has found herself a home.


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