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May I introduce Gypsy who is just a year old. Not yet spayed and season history unsure. She is vaccinated and microchipped. We were contacted by Gypsy’s vet as her owner had requested taking her in to have her put to sleep as she had bitten him. From what we understand she went towards one of the children and as her dad grabbed her collar she bit him. Our volunteer believes she went to mouth and he yanked back. The vet’s were not prepared to carry this out however and having assessed her in her home, we believe that with proper exercise, training and socialisation she will be fine.

Gypsy has been living with a range of ages of children, but older children only. We are told she is fine with other dogs, living with 3 others, but unknown with cats. Can be strong on the lead to start but does settle. Gypsy has basic commands but recall unknown as she has never been off lead.  Currently only been getting a few short walks a day and no access to a garden as it is insecure.

Once our volunteer had convinced the owner to let her off lead in the house, she came for a sniff and then started jumping up and kissing her. Soft and just interested. Gypsy likes her toys which will help with training, and her food and has no possession issues.

She does have a umbilical hernia but this can easily be removed when she is spayed. Gypsy will make someone with experience a fabulous addition!

Gypsy is in her new home!

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