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Hugo is 5 years old. He is vaccinated and microchipped. Now neutered. We were asked to take him in by another rescue and this is what we were told:

“I have a welfare case at my kennels that has been signed over from owner. He was owned by a family and sadly was mistreated and left out in the yard all his life. Hugo hasn’t had much interaction with people or socialisation within the big wide world. It took about 2 weeks for him to come round to us at kennels as he was very scared and would show his teeth backing away in kennel. He does seem scared of some men as a male colleague went to walk him who is tall and quite stocky and Hugo just dropped straight to the floor and it was like he was too scared to move, he does at times commando crawl along the floor when walked by a man but never when walked by a woman.

I must admit he is a bit of a handful but I have seen an improvement. He knows a few commands – sit, paw and other one. He can get frustrated on lead and does at times bite the lead and has a tendency to air snap a lot. His bark is worse than his bite and is all a front when he is shouting in his kennel and he doesn’t like going back in the kennel after a walk and would spin round quickly acting up – biting the lead. I have been working on this and can slip and clip him in then he plays tug with the lead as it comes off then will shout at me and air snap. He has caught my hand with his tooth which did bleed but only a small cut and at no time did he bite and had plenty of opportunity.”

The photos were on one of his first walks at our kennels with the staff, where he seemed quite relaxed coming out of his kennel and going for a stroll down the lane. Hugo is going to need an experienced home that is aware of the issues he may display and be able to manage them. No children. May be able to live with a female. Unknown with cats.

Do you have the experience and time to show this lad that life can actually be fun?

This is what the kennels say about him a few weeks on:

“Look at this Chunky boy Hugo his 5 years old spent his life living outside neglected 😢can he start the new year in a forever or foster home with all the home comforts? 🏡 Very lovable but sometimes like a bull in a china shop! So excited to see me in the mornings love him ❤️”

And this is what a couple who recently met him had to say:

“Hugo is a lovely boy, he met us quite nicely, inquisitive but not over the top. He pulled on the lead when walking initially but with corrections he eventually stopped pulling quite so hard. Hugo has the potential to be an amazing family dog despite his horrendous past he still clearly enjoys the company of people. I think that the profile information you have for him, whilst clearly relevant to highlight his past, does not do him justice, yes he pulls and he is strong but there was no aggression, anxiety or fear.”

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