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Meet Jasper who is 4 years old. Jasper is now neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

He did live with children as young as 2 but best with older children as he did show some possession issues over toys with them. Was unknown with other dogs and cats.

His owner told us that she got him at 6 weeks from a puppy farm?! He has not had enough socialisation,  but then he was not being walked as there was no lead for our assessor to take him out! Sadly Jasper had been subjected to some domestic violence in his home as had his lady owner, which is why he so desperately needed out. He had naturally become protective of her.

Jasper was taken into foster with other dogs where he flourished in the time he was there.

His foster mum has this to say about him:

“Jasper is an obedient and sociable dog with animals and people outside of the home and is a pleasure to take out and about and walk on the lead both in town and out on rural walks where he has been walked on a long training line. He is noisy when he reports on the arrival of visitors or the postman but stops once you tell him that you are going to take over from him! He greets visitors with a noisy welcome which can be overwhelming for some but he calms down when he is fussed. He is also noisy when people leave the home and this needs a confident handler to take the lead and manage his guarding but it is not aggressive, just noisy.

He is very good on the lead and well behaved around local areas.   He travels well in the car.He has an issue with the muzzle because this was used to abuse him so reintroduction to this, if necessary, will need to be done slowly and with that understanding.

Jasper was in foster for a year and his true nature started to emerge as a gentle soul that turns into a big softie when he is fussed.

Although Jasper found a home and they thought he was brilliant and loved him very much, they sadly struggled with his guarding issue and people leaving the house. So, he does need an experienced, calm and confident owner who can work with him and dispel some of his excessive energy.  He is sociable with all people. Jasper would ideally be suited in a rural home and he has no issues with any livestock.”

Jasper is currently in kennels where they are working with his issues, as he is displaying the same behaviour when they leave his kennel as he did in the home. He is also guarding his space.

This lad really needs out sooner rather than later please so a forever home or foster home please step forward!

Jasper has been adopted with his buddy Kodi.



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