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This overgrown puppy is 1 year Loki. Loki has only been with his current owners for 6 months and is already in need of a new home. His owner has been posted abroad with the Army and decided to break off his relationship at the same time leaving his partner with a dog she does not have time for.

Loki is entire but vaccinated and microchipped and has been wormed and flea treated recently. He is good with children of all ages and other dogs although very enthusiastic as he so wants to be their friend. Loki is also good with cats!

Loki does not like being left which is hardly surprising as his start in life has probably left him quite insecure, and has to have his toys around him. He still takes his teddy to bed with him.  He also does not like to sleep in the dark if alone downstairs at night! He is in good condition but will need some continued training and he does pull on the lead and has not been taught recall but does know sit and stay.

Having spent one night in a stop over foster home, look at the fun he had in the water the next day with his new friends! He was good with every dog he met.

He is now in foster with a family of dogs, cats, children and horses, where he will be learning all about life and getting some much needed training.

A lovely boy who deserves a better deal than fate has dealt him, can you please give him his forever home?

The lovely Loki is now in his new home and getting to know his new family.

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