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Lola is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what her current owner says about her.

Lola is a 19-month-old female, black and tan German Shepherd with short-length coat.

She is not currently neutered, but is micro-chipped. She has no known food allergies and no disclosed medical issues. She eats dry kibble twice daily. She has lived with her current owner since she was 8 weeks old but has been rehomed once (by them) and returned.

Lola’s current owners did try to rehome her but she came back to them and it is believed that she was mistreated in the home she went to. Since her return to them, she appears to have trust issues with people and has developed some behavioural changes which her current owners are unable to manage. After her return, the current owners took her for a walk and she ‘went for’ a family member who was walking behind them with another dog. Her current owner describes it as not being a proper bite but left a bit of a bruise.

Lola currently lives with three young children (9, 4 & 1 year) and although her owner says she is good with them, the above incident and the levels of anxiety she is currently showing, means an adult only home would be best for her. She is selective with other dogs and although described as being good in the past, will now bark and pull towards them. Her reaction to cats and livestock is not known.

Lola is only left alone for up to an hour and during that time has not shown any destructive behaviour. She is good when travelling in the car. She will bark when people come into the home, which is said to be a newer trait since her return. She did live with another GSD whilst rehomed but no details are known about the outcome of this.

Lola lives indoors and is fully housetrained. She pulls when walked on the lead and is reported to have some recall with one of the current owners (the other does not let her off-lead). She knows sit and lay and does not show any possessive tendencies over food or toys. She is described by her current owner as being a lovely girl who has lots of energy and is ‘protective’ of her family.

During the time the GSRE assessor spent with Lola, this is what they said about her.
Upon the assessor’s arrival at the home, Lola was in the conservatory and kept separate from them due to not knowing what her reaction might be. They opened the door slightly to see her and she started backing away and barking. They sat with their hand through the gap in the door and after a while Lola came up to sniff but wouldn’t take any treats and just ran away barking. Lola did return and they put some treats on the floor where she came and took some but then ran away again.

The assessor was unable to walk Lola due to her backing away and barking. She seems very unsure of people and has a slit on her ear which the current owner said looks like it’s been cut.

The assessor believes Lola needs to go somewhere she will be the only dog in an adult only home. With time they believe she will start to trust people again and can work through her nervousness and issues.

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