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Well what can I say! Had a call the other evening from a rescue we work closely with, who had a call from a vets to say they had a GSD in who was only 14 months and his owner wanted him put to sleep because he had bitten him. We of course said yes we will help so arranged to collect Milo the next day. Then I get the panicked phone call a bit later saying he had just got a photo and it wasn’t a GSD and so he had no idea where he was going to put him. So yes, we took him in anyway!

May I therefore introduce Milo who is a Border Collie cross we believe. His microchip just says cross. He was born in Nov 2018 and is vaccinated and neutered.

No young children as we do not know his history. Has not shown any aggression towards other dogs so far. Unknown with cats. Milo was very nervous when he arrived but was very happy to go out for a nice walk and have his photo taken.

MIlo is a strong lad and does show some aggression over food. Whilst he will happily go for walks with other dogs, he does get very jealous if the other dog is being fussed and he is not, so will need to be the only dog in the home.

Can you give Milo a home please?


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DOB Nov 2018
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
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