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May I introduce Monty who we were told was called Kojak but had no idea of his name. This handsome lad came in with another dog called Zauber when we were contacted by Social Services for emergency help. Their elderly mum had collapsed and been taken to hospital. The dogs were in separate rooms when found, we don’t know why as both do not seem bothered by other dog. Sadly mum had stopped going out and the boys had probably not been walked for a very long time, and in fact Monty, the younger lad, did not even seem to know what a lead was. Mum sadly died and whilst Zauber was found a new home, Monty has stayed with us as he is a ‘strange’ lad.

This is what the kennels said about him when he came in:

“DAMN GREAT BIG FOOL,,,,,,Monty has a massive way to go. These 2 beauties unfortunately know nothing, Monty in particular never been on a lead. We are working hard with this gorgeous lad as he has spent his whole 4 yrs of life as a recluse with his mum and another lad Zauber. Even a brush frightens the life out of him right now, BUT THROUGH ALL THE UPHEAVEL I NEED TO STATE THERE ISN’T A BAD BONE IN HIS BODY,  his answer to anything is buck like a pony upright on Chris; shoulder face to face,  BIG LAD, long way to go.”

Monty will be staying at Cornwall as he is happy and really does not like being over handled. A super friendly lad in his own strange way.


Cornwall - KENNELS
DOB 13.9.15
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

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