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This is Myrtle, a happy and loyal 2-year old (almost) who is spayed, well house trained and good with other dogs. She is fabulous off the lead, good recall and will welcome visitors with the usual GS bark.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Myrtles current family need to find her a new home. She is probably better with adults and older children (teens ideally) and would prefer the house to herself, so no other pets.

The short write up above was from her adopted home – Below is since moving back into kennels.

Everyone please meet Myrtle.

Myrtle is two years old, she is spayed and we are going to restart her vaccinations.

This pretty little girl was actually born at the Notts kennels after we had taken in her heavily pregnant Mum, all 9 pups found good homes but sadly for Myrtle her adopter has had to return her.

This beautiful girl is now wondering what she has done wrong, one minute she’s in her own home that she has known for 2 years and then she is in a kennel surrounded by people that she doesn’t know.

Myrtle has been out for a few walks with the other dogs and not shown much interest unless they are really up close and personal.

She is absolutely fine when walking near traffic and she doesn’t react to people or dogs whilst she is out.

This little girl is still very babyish, she loves to play and be chased around, she very soon goes into Zoomie mode but also calms down very quickly when told.

We have seen no reactions around toys or food and she takes treats very gently and also offers her paw.

Myrtle is looking for an active home where she will receive the exercise that a young dog needs.

We would suggest that she is rehomed to a family with older, dog savvy children as we are sure that she would enjoy a good game of football.

Myrtle hasn’t been cat tested and we do think that she would be better as the only dog in the household.

If you are looking for a loving, playful easy girl then Myrtle is your girl!

Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
Good with other dogs:
Careful introduction
Good with cats:

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