Narla is available for adoption through GSRE – this is what her current owner says about her.

Narla is a well-loved 4-year-4-month-old female, black, short-haired German Shepherd. She is neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and flea/worm treated. She has no known food allergies and currently eats raw and biscuit daily. She has no disclosed medical issues other than having a cut on her paw at present for which she is undergoing veterinary treatment. She has lived in her current home since she was 8 weeks old. She is described as being excellent when visiting the vets.

Narla is being rehomed as she currently lives with a 9-year-old female Staffie and the pair have recently begun fighting, resulting in the Staffie requiring stitches.

Narla has been around visiting children aged 4 years and upwards and is described as being good with them. She does not live with any children at present. She is described as being good with dogs but she can be reactive towards small dogs when walked on-lead. She appears to play well with other dogs when she is off-lead. She currently lives with a 9-year-old female Staffie and they have started to fight (has never fought with any other dog). It is possible she could live with a male dog (different age range preferable) with suitable introductions. Her reaction to cats and livestock is not known.

Narla is described as not being good with people wearing hoods and unsurprisingly can sometimes show a protective nature over her owner with the odd growl, which she will stop doing when asked. She can be left alone for a few hours and does not show any destructive behaviour. She does not have any issues when people visit the home – she may jump up gently to say hello but will get down when asked. She was calm and affectionate when the GSRE assessor attended the home.

Narla loves to travel in the car and sit on the settee. She lives indoors and is fully housetrained. She can pull when on the lead, especially if she sees a little dog whilst out. She has a recall and knows comeback, sit and wait. Her current owner describes her as being about 80% trained, having attended training classes. She does not show any possessive tendencies over food/toys – she loves playing with toys.

Narla is a very intelligent girl who has learnt how to open doors. She is fun loving and excellent with people and children. She is sometimes mischievous – in a funny way!

Narla has been adopted.

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Good with children:
Good with other dogs:
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