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Penny came in to kennels a very frightened girl, scared of everything and everyone. She has started to come on with accepting the staff and vollies entering her kennel and even taking treats. This is down to kindness, time and patience which is what this girl will need in any new home.

Penny walks OK on the lead but will still try and bite through the lead when she gets nervous and she knows exactly which molars to use to get maximum bite. (2 halti training leads have gone this way) She does prefer to walk on a harness something like the Julius which goes on over her head as she is not keen on her feet being played with.

Penny has been introduced to a few of the volunteers own dogs and these give her more confidence when out walking or playing in the garden. She does like to get right up close and personal with them licking faces and sniffing the bits dogs sniff, but has been fine with all the dogs she has met. We do think she would be better in a home with another dog, one she can play with but also one that is reasonably calm and confident to help her build her confidence.

Penny has been to one of the volunteers homes on a couple of occasions where in the house Penny adopted a sofa as her safe place although she was happy to share it with either human or woofer company. She has been left alone in the house for short periods and in a room on her own overnight. During this time she has not chewed nor have we had any “accidents”. Penny has met one of the resident cats and outside was a little nervous of him but stayed away and inside she just laid still and watched the cat walked right passed her.

We have seen no aggression but would not place with small children as we have no previous history. Penny is a lovely sweet girl who just needs that special home to show her some kindness and help her regain her confidence.
Age: we believe penny to be about 6.

Penny has been adopted.

Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
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