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Tala was just 1 year old on 23rd July 2019 having given birth to a litter of 9 on the 25th June.

Her full story can be found here:

Kimi came across as one of the most confident of the pups and was very in your face when people came to visit, so was taken on by a trainer with the idea to be that she would become his demo dog, promoting their training and the charity. She picked up the training very quickly and was not bothered by different equipment of environments at the centre, loved the other dogs, but was terrified of meeting new people, even people she had met before. We decided it was not fair on her to push her into a world of publicity when she was so nervous so she came back to foster mum.

Kimi was welcomed back by her sister and the rest of the pack and quickly settled into the routine and loved being back with her sister to play rough again. Interestingly, although she was probably the stronger bitch in the litter, she allowed Penny to be boss, respecting her place, to a point. She is a complete cuddle monster and likes to sleep as close to you as possible.

Kimi would benefit from an adult home with low traffic as small people are actually quite scary. A no to cats as she has high prey drive. Once introduced to other dogs she will accept them and would most definitely benefit from living with an older and confident dog for guidance.

Special home needed for this special girl please.

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Surrey - IN FOSTER
DOB 25.6.19
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
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