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Meet Scooby. This lovely lad is 5 years old, neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped.

We are told he is fine with children from 5 years upwards, likes to play with other dogs but will chase cats when outside but did live with a cat and a rabbit.

Has had a sensitive tummy but now on hyper allergenic food and he is fine.

Our assessor found him to be a lovely boy, barked when she arrived but then greeted her with kisses and wanted a fuss, he can be more wary of men but is fine when he gets to know them. He walks well on a halti and has good recall, knows all his basic commands and has no possession issues with toys or food.

He loves water and no issues with fireworks, loves a game of footy!

His owner’s working hours changed which meant he was being left up to 8 hours a day which was not fair on him.

Scooby is now in kennels. He has been out to a home but he was messing in the house. We have put this down to immense stress at any change because as soon as he came back to the kennels he was fine again and completely clean.

This lad needs a very special home that can give him the time and patience to settle, not a few days but a few weeks. He may well need work with his toileting issues but if used correctly, a large dog crate could be a useful aid. It may also be somewhere he can feel safe, his own private den.

Can anyone offer this lovely lad a second chance in their family?

Scooby is currently in foster and no problems to date!

Scooby is settling in with his new sister.




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