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Not Spayed last season 1st week December 2020
Skye came to us with her sister from a home and this is what we were originally told
She is fine with children 6yrs upwards, ok with dogs on the lead, unknown with cats and livestock. No food aggression but has been known to warn her sister off if she gets too close.

Skye is the more dominant of the 2 sisters and can get stressed over some things, at these times has lost some weight but overall in good condition. Pulls on lead walked on harness
She is very good at opening doors to the cupboards and fridge and also to outside.

Since being with us
Skye started out as a slightly anxious but friendly girl, she came in and settled into her kennel and kennel life quickly and soon won around her volunteers.

In the paddock initially Skye was constantly looking for a way to escape, now we have gained her trust she loves coming out to play and have a fuss with her vollies. Whilst she does not seem to know what toys are for she is very treat orientated and this is definitely helping with her training in walking and recall. Beware though she soon realises where the treats are and is not shy in asking for them, plus if she thinks you are not forthcoming enough she will try and help herself even if they are still in your pocket.

Skye is now being walked on a half check collar and lead and seems to prefer this to the harness she came in with. Skye Likes her walks and will initially pull as she wants to get to and absorb all the sniffs she can find. At the park she will pick up a scent either that of another dog or something else get her nose down and follow it for as long as she can , even ignoring other distractions (dogs, squirrels, treats) to do this . So if you are wanting to or willing to try doing some training on scent work or tracking Skye could be the girl for you. Once settled (about 20 minutes into the walk at time of writing) Skye starts to become a lot more attentive to her handler looking back and checking you are still there, coming in for treats and fuss. Skye is not fazed by other people out at the park, joggers, cyclists, children etc. Once she is walking without tracking she will show interest in other dogs but can be easily distracted with treats. Skye has met other dogs on the lead and with careful introduction was absolutely fine with them. Skye has walked passed Ducks, Swans, Squirrels and Sheep and ignored them all, but on another occasion she wanted to chase everything in sight which happened to be the birds and squirrels.

When walked with her sister Skye’s desire to be “top dog” comes out and she constantly pulls to be in front and did have the occasional snap at her sister to put her in her place. Having seen both girls together and apart we feel they would be better homed separately.

Skye can still be a little anxious at times, and when on a long line had to be encouraged to go and explore rather than stay with her handler. Sadly she does also suffer from a little travel sickness so best not to feed her just before a long journey.

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