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Here is our lovely lady Tia who is such a loving dog and is looking for her forever home.  Tia has a beautiful full black coat and she just loves to be brushed and shows her thanks by giving you a great big kiss!  Tia likes to lie outside in the garden and most of the time you will forget that she is there as she is absolutely no trouble at all.

Despite being almost blind and being on medication for dry eyes, Tia is a joy to treat as she is so used to having drops put in 3 or 4 times a day – she just stands there and accepts that this is part of her life.   Tia has been here for 11 weeks and she has lost 10 kilos in weight which has helped her to become more mobile and she now enjoys running in the garden.  We were told that Tia had epilepsy and indeed she was on drugs for this condition when she came to GSRE, but she has been completely off medication for a month now and has not shown any adverse effects and certainly no fits!!!

Tia loves her ball and although she can no longer see it clearly she is happy to go for a walk just holding her ball in her mouth.  She has brilliant re-call, but you will never need it as she doesn’t stray from your side.   She shares her home with two other dogs and is happy to be close to them but she also loves people.  Tia doesn’t bark when people come to the door, and when you let someone in she is right there saying hello to them.   The only time Tia barks is when she wants to play with you and even then it is not insistently.

Tia will be such a loving family pet for anyone who loves cuddles – are you that person?

Tia is settling into her new home really well!

The lovely Tia has sadly passed away having suffered a stroke. This gorgeous girl had a super life with her mum and she will be so badly missed x

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