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I hope you are sitting comfortably, I have a little story for you all. Back in March this year we were asked to take a lovely little girl in from the pound who had clearly been used as a puppy cash machine for some vile lowlifes, her boobs were proof of this as she is still very much a baby herself at around 2yrs. We named her Sofia and she was an absolute gem of a dog.
A few weeks went by and like most of the dogs who come to JT hotel started to gain weight which she needed to……but then the weight seemed to drop really low in her tummy and we thought….no she can’t be……but yes you guessed it, she was pregnant!
We can’t thank our kennels enough for all they did for her and the pups, Sofia had a maternity room in the isolation kennel which is huge which would then turn in to the nursery in time.
It was only a matter just over a week and Ta Dah…..5 little babies arrived, 3 girls and 2 boys.
So for the last 10 weeks volunteers who come to the kennels and walk our dogs have been helping us socialise these little terrors( that’s the polite word) and get them use to people and Mr Wiv visited so they had seen another dog other than their mum!
It has been a long 10 weeks for everyone involved but well worth it.
We spent time going through all our homes waiting who had children, other dogs, cats etc…. as what better start to their life than a family environment.
And the happy ever after is that all our babies, not so little now toddled off to their new forever homes but the happiest part for us was 3 weeks ago when mummy bagged herself the best home ever with Yvonne and Anton and of course her new gorgeous sister Lora, another GSRE poundie!!
I am sure all the pups new parents will now flood the page with updates of our GSRE babies for you all to enjoy!
DOB 26.3.21
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