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This lovely lad is Troy who is 9 years old. He is neutered and microchipped and vaccinations have been restarted. He was looking for a new home urgently as his dad has died and his elderly mum could not live alone so is having to move in with relatives but sadly no room for Troy. This is what our volunteer has to say about him:

“Troy is a really lovely dog, who is obviously quite traumatised by recent events, with his dad passing away two days ago while Troy was in the room with him. He is a very gentle and calm dog in spite of this.Troy is a lovely, gentle dog, but is quite depressed and confused. When I visited, there were two children, one 7 month old baby and a 2 ½ year old boy. Troy I understand had not met the children before but was extremely gentle with both children and not an ounce of aggression.

It appears Troy had always been kept away from everyone and his mum and dad said he was aggressive because he barked. I did not see any of this. They also said they very rarely walked him. We went out for a walk but sadly did not encounter any dogs, so I don’t know what he is like with dogs apart from Lorraine saying he was fine with her dog). He was very happy to go for a walk, very sniffy, we passed a pedestrian, several cars and a bicycle with no reaction from Troy. He pulled quite a bit (was wearing a slip lead) on the way out but soon calmed down and thoroughly enjoyed being out. He got tired very quickly and stopped pulling.

Troy is quite overweight. At the moment he’s off his food, probably due to all the recent trauma. I took sausage, cheese and dehydrated meat with me and he wouldn’t eat it.  His coat is not great but also not terrible, he’s moulting. Nails looked ok. I was told his dad used to take him to the local kennels to have his nails cut. He seems a bit uncomfortable on his feet (not limping though), difficult to tell whether it’s a bit of arthritis or just lack of muscle tone and being so overweight.

I would say Troy would be a lovely easy dog and would make a great companion for someone who is around most of the time. With the right management (and bearing in mind he hasn’t lived with children) he might be able to live with sensible, older children or visiting children. Although he is strong on the lead, if he was used to getting regular exercise and/or with the aid of a headcollar he would probably be ok.”

Troy was in foster where we had hoped he would be able to stay, but sadly his foster mum had an accident and was struggling with his strength and he had also started to be over protective of her feeling her vunerability. Can you help Troy please?

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Cornwall - KENNELS
DOB 12.8.14 (est)
Good with children:
Yes - Older Only
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Careful introduction
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OK in Home

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