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This handsome lad is 9 year Vasor who is neutered and microchipped and up to date with his vaccinations.

Vasor is being rehomed due to his owners emigrating to Saudi Arabia. They considered taking Vasor with them but decided it was unfair on him at his age.

This lad is a typical shep and is protective of his home unless the person is invited in when he is a happy and friendly chappy. He is good with older children and he does live with cats but not sure he would accept new ones. Vasor is not good living with other dogs as he does become dominant. This may be because he was used as a stud dog in the past and neutered when acquired by his owners from a breeder.

Vasor is good on the lead, has recall and basic commands. He can open doors!  Appears healthy and in good condition. He loves carrots!

He has a lovely relaxed temperament and this gent just wants some tlc in his later years please.

Check out what Vasor has to say:

“My foster Mummy says that I am a true gentleman…I do try to be!  Let me tell you what I do and then you can all tell me if you think I am a star too or if my foster mum has rose coloured specs…..

I usually greet everyone in the morning with lovely kisses as I think it’s important to start the day with nice things. If I did need to go out in the night all I do is give kisses early and it works as I am let out for a quick leg stretch (it doesn’t happen very often I might add).

While I am waiting for everyone to get ready I am quite content to lie calmly on the floor and watch your every move.  It important that I know where you are and that I am near you…where else would I be?

Then usually someone knocks on the door. My job is to bark loudly and let everyone know I am there.  But when my foster mummy or daddy says thank you I know I have to stop barking and do a nice sit or down because then it’s over to them.  I am just the

On my walks I try to walk to heel and not to pull and I think I get it right 99.9%.  When I am let off I don’t like to go too far from anyone as how else will they protect me.  I have been off lead with a couple of other GSD’s now and that was great fun.  Okay I may have tried to be a little dominant for a second but I was told to stop it and of course being a star, I did!

What I really don’t like however is off lead dogs running up and being dominant in my face when I am on the lead or off the lead.  It’s all about manners you see and those rebels don’t have any and I tell them that! Pmmfft who do they think they are…?

I have lived with cats in the past but as my foster mummy doesn’t have any then I am not sure if I would like every cat I meet, but if they are friendly I am sure I would like them.

Occasionally, I am told that I am not allowed to go with my family L stupid supermarkets not letting dogs in! Because I love riding in the car!! I mean I even go to work with my foster mum as I am so good at sleeping anywhere as long as I have my bed! I don’t really like being left because maybe they won’t come back, even though they say they will not be long..and they aren’t..but you never know do you?  So I lay by the front door and wait patiently and they when they come home I show them that they were missed by giving them big hugs and licks.

I love my food and have just started this raw stuff! Woow I never thought food could be so yummy I simply cannot get enough.  My foster mum keeps giving me these black kong things with it in..I love finishing it and giving it back to her for a refill.  Can’t understand these dogs that guard things because when I give it up I get something really yummy in return J

I have also learnt to play some strange games as well one’s called ‘wait – take it’, another is called ‘seek it’ (my favourite because I get to go find yummy treats!).

So my question is do YOU think I am a star?

Could you give me a loving home where I get gentle walks and time to sleep without being bothered?  In return I promise to be a really really good boy! Big licks Vasor xxx”

The handsome Vasor has his forever home.

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