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Bella is about 10 years old. She is not spayed, vaccinated but is microchipped. Bella has been taken in as an emergency as her owner had to give up her accommodation, however where she is at present does not allow dogs either so her current keeper is being threatened with eviction.

This is what our volunteer had to say about her:

“Bella is a lovely girl. She was very vocal when I arrived and took a minute or two to settle but then just wanted cuddles. I gather she has lived in a house with a garden previously but not ventured much further and is not used to being out and about and socialising. We took her for a walk and she was quite strong on a normal collar and lead and doesn’t appear to have had any kind of training there. She was reactive out but only vocally and quite random – she’d bark at some dogs and people but not others.

She was quite weak behind from lack of exercise and needed building up. When we returned she took the stairs one at a time. Becky hasn’t let her off whilst she has had her so her recall is not known. She was quite bonded to Becky and I imagine with some training and socialisation it wouldn’t be a problem. She is clean in the home and did settle and just want cuddles. She knows basic commands, sit, down etc. She had food and water down all the time and did drink a lot but not much interest in the food. Becky says she is quite treat orientated which would help with training.

She has a couple of lumps and bumps but nothing sinister looking (in my non veterinary opinion!) Becky has wormed her but I don’t think she is up to date with anything else and there is no paperwork. She is a much loved dog and a real sweetheart. Despite her vocal reactions there is not a trace of aggression and I imagine it is a mixture of excitement and nerves as she is in a new environment. Becky lives in a studio/bedsit which does not allow pets and she is at risk of losing her home soon due to complaints. I would recommend Bella be removed to foster if at all possible with someone that could work on her training and socialisation – I’d take her myself if I could!”

Can you give Bella the retirement home she deserves please?

Bella has found herself a wonderful new pad.

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