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May I introduce these stunning girls, Saya and Farina. These girls come from the same breeding lines and Saya is 7 and Farina is 5 years of age. Neither are spayed but both are microchipped. Vaccinations out of date sadly. Both good with children and other dogs as long as introduced correctly.

This is what the volunteer had to say about them:

“These 2 dogs, could be sisters, they are absolutely identical. They are pedigree dogs from Poland, using German Sires. Both have Passports and have been to Poland on holiday several times by car.

They are stunning, and have been well trained, but mainly in Polish. I found it very easy to get them to do basic things in English, as they are very treat oriented. They have grown up from Pups, with the young children in the flat, but chase cats.

They are well loved and in extremely good condition, but the choice is rehome the dogs, or lose your home, due to a neighbour complaining to the Housing Association. The neighbour has been there for 4 years, but has only started trouble in the last 6 months, which makes me think it’s a personal thing, and the dogs are collateral damage. The family have been fighting to keep the dogs for the last 6 months, but the housing association have run out of patience, and are threatening eviction if the dogs aren’t gone immediately.”

Can you give one or both of these super girls a home please?

Saya and Farina have been adopted together.

Farina, renamed Maggie, has passed over Rainbow Bridge to join her sister.

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